Wicked One

June 11, 2009
By Alexander Noyes SILVER, Atkinson, New Hampshire
Alexander Noyes SILVER, Atkinson, New Hampshire
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Your the wicked one that walks on broken feet
Don't you know that you've stolen my sight
You hold my eyes in your concrete hands
Breaking all the truths that they've seen

I'm just a poor troubadour with empty pockets
Please, can't you see my calloused feet
They've bled till they could no longer feel
Now they are as good as leather boots

You stare at me from beneath the shadows
Lights bends near you just to avoid the pain
You make my hands tremble, and my palms sweat
You shorten my breaths, and steal my air

Your the fiend that makes me wake up screaming
How many nights have you woken me?
You laugh from behind the moon and stars
and make my doubts echo in the silence

Why must you make my heart tighten
Swallow my hope like smoke in the wind
You leave me smoldering, and ashen gray
Crying out for someone to save me

I'm a poet running out of words to say
My fingers ache with sharp, hollow pangs
Hollow like your hateful chest
Where a heart would never dare to rest

My quill sits idle on the desktop now
Dead like the bird it was plucked from
Remembering the days when it flew
When it etched beauty into paper's flesh

Malicious spirit from future and from past
Leave my life for I am weak, and grow tired
Please wicked one, take your broken feet
and walk away into the night

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