Lock and Key

June 11, 2009
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I've met many peculiar people in my days
Heres the story of two of these folk

I met a girl with a key around her neck
She said it unlocked something special
Though she wasn't sure what it was

When the sky set she'd sit and cry
Another day I haven't found the keyhole
Maybe this key was never meant for me

She unlocked many things in my eyes
Maybe it was time she locked something

One day I was walking by the lake
I saw a boy admiring the sun rise
He was humming about the new day
Another chance to find my key
Another day to try and open up

I saw around his neck an iron lock
Rusted and old it hung and it rocked
Rocked back in forth like the trees

I ran for the woman and told her about him
They stood there just watching eachother

I saw the seconds die mid flight and fall
Land on the cold ground and tremble
Tremble as they bled into the soil

They fell into eachother's arms
She lifted her hands with trepidation
Her fingers shaking with triumph
She placed it in the lock and twisted

We were all disapointed when nothing happened
But that sort of thing only happens in stories
So we all just went back to work and laughed
Laughed at how foolish we hand been

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