Flaming Love MAG

By Bethany G., Phoenix, AZ

The fire ignites ...
It began with stolen glances
An “accidental” caress of the hand here and there.
What at first was puppy love, soon became too much to bear.
We said hello to each other as we walked amongst friends.
Though never said aloud,
Love to each other we had vowed.

The fire burns ...
The seedling of our love grew.
Aphrodite had done her job well.
We were now under love’s powerful spell.
This newfound bliss excited us both.
We reveled in our first kisses and many clandestine meetings,
Though our time together seemed always as though fleeting.

The fire consumes ...
My thoughts and dreams are no longer mine but yours.
A simple caress or a delicate kiss infuses energy into every fiber of my being.
A feeling so powerful and yet so freeing.
We are like Eros and Psyche, you and I,
Surely the laws of nature our love must defy.

The Fates have woven our destinies, now we wait for the future.

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i love this so much!


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