Never Ending Love Story

June 11, 2009
By Sbanani1 BRONZE, Crestview, Florida
Sbanani1 BRONZE, Crestview, Florida
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For a deep meaning, it is her essential
Fall fast toward goals, to romance the few
Depict yet one, only to be her love
Her one and true love

Keep high the dove, white feathers fly
Notice not one flaw, abide by her rules
Yet fantasy resides, and a lust becomes imbarible
At her own fate

The clock upon the wall, ticks of worries time
Hands shaking abrupt, hault on reality
Blur the minds and take control
Fall prisoner to him, and only him

Dreaming by day, a light near the new beginning
Never the end shall see such glow, for he does not exist
Capture nothing but the picture, two become one
At a nine month flow, none

Hold close of grown and small, take hearts on weeping road
Unexpected, unplanned, with all love can offer
Teaching of all known in mind, grown shall it become
And love falls like rain

Three of sorts of emotions, none too burdened to manage
Young age finds lust repeated, but to offspring
It is the same which began himself, a love story
and agian, its repeated

Love never stopped for they
The ones who found it first
And kept track
And hoped and loved forever more.

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