The Beginning

June 11, 2009
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You had said it was the end
It was on the top of your note, bolded and indented
I ran my finger atop those words
My mind could not comprehend, for my ears had never heard
Never heard you speak of the discontent you obviously felt
My tears fell upon the note, creating streaks of the black ink and making the sentences melt
You said that you hoped I knew how much you cared
You reminded me of all the times we had shared
You said that you hoped that this note changed my mind
But even your lovely words could not have made me disregard the plan and leave it behind
I knew that I loved you
I knew that I wanted you
I also knew that it was time that the one path that we had paved together now diverged into two
By letting you go, I knew that I had won
By letting you go, I knew that my life was now under a new and brilliant sun

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