Life and death im something inbetween.

June 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Walk between trees and dead leaves
until you see ur life and death
where is life is death
and death is an enternal life
where you find yourself as monster and an artist of beyond art
Where the forever dead rose grows to extent
where death ends and life crawls along the path
Beyond the path
Why would anyone love me i ask
i love you all and yet the sweet taste of ur delicate and delicious blood on my demon lips makes me hate myself but love you more
and yet some want me thinking i am a dream but in truth i am a nightmare.
go ahead gaze ur innocent and depending eyes on me
like i am holy, or untouched
but i am touched with nothing but death,despair, and love
Why love
why not hate
i forever want love but i deserve hate.
For what i became
What i am
what they made me
who made
i have no idea and no one knows who made them
The mother or father of all
My mother is beautiful, eternal, moral life
my father is desparing and loving death
a mixture makesa monster and an artist of beyond art.
Walk between trees and dead leave
until you see me
i'll be waiting

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