Love In My Eyes

June 11, 2009
By Lawrence Garcia BRONZE, Belmar, New Jersey
Lawrence Garcia BRONZE, Belmar, New Jersey
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love makes you see through different eyes
but in all my experiences all I've seen is lies
i thought i had it once but clearly i was wrong
i had love but it sang a different song
this one was not about happiness and eternity
this song was all about hurting me
where cheating was cool
and i guess i was not
left alone more emotionless than a robot
my heart came back but it was not the same
now my brain registers love as a different name
FEAR is what i fell and this it how it stays
left seeing through a very foggy haze
i want something good but i always find myself lost
wanting to fall in love but at what cost
i will probably be hurt and left alone maimed
but ill do anything to give fear a new name
listen to my heartbeat it sounds so out of place
it has no love not even a lonely trace
im not talking about family im talking about LOVE
and this love i talk about is different from all of the above
i know ill feel this and it will feel new
if i had one wish its that you cud feel it too
love is meant for all so im not the only one in search of it
too bad with all the money no one can purchase it
even if i cud i doubt that i would becausse forcing love never ends good
love will come and go but one day it will stay and i wouldn't have it any other way
maybe im wrong i need to just let it come but like my past love i march to a different drum

The author's comments:
ex's arent something anyone should worry about worry about happiness we are all young and our time will come

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