June 11, 2009
You illuminate a space
Just as your smile adorns your face
And each halo-composing strand
Falls perfectly into its place

With one motion of your hand
You call the moon into command
Never abusing what you have
Equality you understand

And with your piercing copper eyes
You see through pacifying lies
And when the light hits them just right
They absolutely hypnotize

You must've fallen from afar
From where you gave light to a star
And though I know you miss the sky
We'll make heaven right where you are

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Joanna said...
Jul. 7, 2009 at 10:40 pm
I like it. The only thing I'd suggest is that the final line "We'll make heaven right where you are" is a bit long and clumsy compared to the rest of the poem. Other than that, the words flow perfectly. I like it a lot.
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