It's fake, my precious.

June 11, 2009

As I lied on the bare earth,
I stared up at the clouds,
Feeling the wind blow through.

My eyes close and I’m off,
Open them again, years later,
And I’m surrounded by the blood.

‘What a nightmare’ I scream,
The moon, few feet away,
Glares and taunts me.

Slip and fall in the blood,
Wings of Angels never alive,
The Demons live within.

Startled to find that this is my life,
‘No oh no’ I cry again and again,
What have I done to them?

What sins have been so heinous,
What pain did I cause,
This has to be death at its worst.

Ice cold tears slip and gather,
The taste of sweet life lingers,
I feel the edges of the life I know.

‘No, no my precious’ he calls,
What and where I don’t know,
My life has vanished.

In the distant I hear a faint cry,
So familiar this whimper,
Then I see the sun I know.

‘Its fake, my precious’ He calls again,
I stop looking, disgruntled and hurt,
This has to be a lie.

My eyes fly open and I’m back,
Sun is down and moisture covers my face,
Heart like a hammer.

I look around and around,
Only to find my world is solemn,
A nightmare, just a nightmare

‘It’s fake, my precious’ I hear again,
Jumping with a start, ‘No’
Scream so load, it echoes.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in class one day, randomly. Not my best work, I will admit.

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