June 10, 2009
By Jasmine Kameli BRONZE, Maumelle, Arkansas
Jasmine Kameli BRONZE, Maumelle, Arkansas
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I’m just a girl in a big world.
I’m also in 8th grade,
Things are starting to fade.
I found a dog,
He eats like a hog.
I named him Boots,
I hope he likes fruits.
My parents don’t know about him,
They will probably find out knowing them.
Alisha helped me get him into nana’s car,
They don’t live very far.
Mom calls Ms. Sherri and asks what’s wrong,
I’m probably not that safe for long.
Just when I think, I’m okay,
I see a creature in my doorway.
You couldn’t really see what it was,
However, it caused quite a buzz.
Before I knew it, lighting struck,
I still couldn’t see the creature with my luck.
A few seconds later lighting struck me,
I began to think how bad this could be.
I yelled and fell on the floor,
My brother asked what was going on opening the door.
I told him to look over there,
Nothing was there and it wasn’t fair.
He left and went back to bed,
I got back under the covers and hoped I wasn’t dead.
When I woke up, I saw again,
I was so stunned I didn’t know how to begin.
Could this be Alisha’s sister?
This was really a twister.

The author's comments:
This is a poem about the book that I'm writing. You will know all about the first chapter by reading this poem.

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