The Fallen Road

June 10, 2009
By Kajiren BRONZE, Berlin, Maryland
Kajiren BRONZE, Berlin, Maryland
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Sometimes I look upon the now barren road,
Weeds reaching up through the tiny cracks,
Gasping desperately for air through the fallen leaves,
As they have done for ages before.
No one walks along this desolate path,
Since nothing lies beyond it,
But crumpled leaves,
With dying memories.
I am the only one to peer upon this road,
Come to a halt, and really look at it,
While everyone else speeds by,
Never bothering to turn its way.
I put a single foot before me,
The fresh leaves crunching underneath,
To trod upon these newly fallen fragments,
Is sheer excitement to me.
To others, it seems this road is nothing,
But something that used to be,
Although to me it’s much more,
I see it as an adventure waiting to unfold before me.
I look as far as the eye can possibly see,
But only see an endless road,
I wonder what lies at its end,
There is only one way to find out.
As I continue along,
I cannot help but think,
That whatever does lie at the roads end,
It will only be me who knows.
Only my eyes will see,
What is at the end of this newly born adventure,
And simply that,
Is what true excitement means.

The author's comments:
I actually wrote this poem last year, so it's already quite old. I chose to submit this poem because somehow I really like it.

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