No Resemblence

June 10, 2009
I'm staring at blank walls
Just waiting to be filled.
I'm staring at a flowerpot
Broken on the windowsill.
I'm looking down at footsteps
But none of them are mine.
I'm standing at an interesection
With a 4-way stop sign.
I'm looking at myself
In a taunting dirty mirror.
I wipe away the dust but the image gets no clearer.
I'm supposed to take the road
That's less traveled by.
But as masses walk the one way
I can't seem to say goodbye.
And so I follow blindly
Hoping everything's just fine.
But eventually I realize
My life's no longer mine.
Now I'm stuck with ruined walls
Where my shameful paint was spilled.
I'm staring at a different me
Perched up on the windowsill
I'm trying to retrace footsteps
But I can't find any this time.
Instead of pausing there to think
I barreled through that stop sign.
I have no resemblence
To the girl I see in the mirror.
It's another person screaming
But she's trapt and I can't hear her.
I'll never find that road again,
that one less traveled by.
Although, I hear it mocking m
So it has to be nearby.

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YeseniaG said...
Jul. 6, 2009 at 4:32 pm
I'm not joking or saying this just because we're friends, that was truly amazing. i absolutely loved it. Definitely your best, true, whole-hearted poem.
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