Gallvant, It's What We Do.

June 10, 2009
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Gallavant, it's what we do.
don't like it, don't care cause we aint you.
From our mad bus journeys to our boisterous croydon moments..
Nothing can come between us, so don't bother all you other components..
Don't break our happiness.. i mean we're girls all we wana do is have fun.. sorta like Cyndi Lauper..
We laugh, crack jokes, do the most craziest things in SE (south east)
and even argue but let me tell you something can't break us you see!
Go on i dare you, challenge us..
but don't come crying to your momma wen we cuss.
We're not like all them bait girls..
going around with slicks and the same outfits all the time, just in different colours for every day or event..
Instead we come in real style and show people that we're real
no matter where we're sent..
Nicole, Eloise, Margaret & Denise..
Gallavant, it's what we do.

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