Living In Shadows

June 10, 2009
By Amanda Zhu SILVER, West Hartford, Connecticut
Amanda Zhu SILVER, West Hartford, Connecticut
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Living in shadows,
Walking in darkness,
And existing on the edges of society.
I move with silent grace across the hallowed halls
Of life.

You pass me on the streets,
In the halls,
All around town.
Yet, do you
Really see me?

When you look
From door to door,
Locker to locker,
Window to window
What do you see when you look at me?

Does your wondering gaze
Ever pause to notice,
The expression on my face,
The brightness in my eyes
Or the pain in my soul?

How is it that your sharp eyes
Can spot a penny in a lake?
But glance past me
As if I were a rock on
The side of the road?

I know that people in the street
Think that I’m as plain as
A small brown mouse
Or as interesting as a
Clock on a wall.

That’s what you see on the surface,
But inside it all
There’s a
Beating heart
And a thinking brain

I have a emotions
I have interests
I have hopes and dreams too.
I’m a girl with feelings
Not a decorative plate.

I’m a person, a human
And I deserve to be treated
like one, for I know
That all are created equal
And should always be treated as such,

I like math and writing
And reading too.
I’m honest and I’d be a good,
Loyal friend .
If I was with you.

I’m shy
And don’t have a lot to say.
But, without a helping friend
I fear, that the world may be
A little too grey.

As each day passes
I blend more and more
In to the scenery
And I become,
More and more part of it too.

I fell as if I’ve been trapped
Inside a web, a box
Of my own design.
Without you beside me,

I feel like living in a world of shadows.

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on Jun. 23 2009 at 5:51 pm
ma.cherie2 BRONZE, West Plains, Missouri
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I can really feel that what you're writing is exactly how your feeling.

Good job expressing yourself.

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