The Calling of the Forest

June 10, 2009
By Sam Korn BRONZE, Belmont, Massachusetts
Sam Korn BRONZE, Belmont, Massachusetts
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The silence.
The beauty.
The leafy green cave of pure life
engulfs me.
The path that I am wandering
climbs the craggy peaks
a toddler’s scribble.

All around me is life.
Wolves howl.
Deer graze.
Birds flute.

The world,
this world,
Calls me.
Calls me to join,
join and forget
That world
full of noise
and busy people.
People who I now think of
as other species.
I am nature.

But then I remember.
Remember who I am.
I struggle to keep my spirit
from floating away
like a ghost in the ether.
I win.

My racing heart
is the only sign
of my inner struggle.
But the forest knows.
The forest knows all.

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