living in shades

June 10, 2009
By hopekristinex SILVER, Canton, Ohio
hopekristinex SILVER, Canton, Ohio
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this world just keeps moving as i stay still.
smiles all the time but screams on the inside,
don't bother knocking on my bedroom door tonight.
laying emotionless too numb to hear your insight,
my thoughts are traveling faster than the speed of light.
fears are trying hard to cling on but i know it'll be alright.
my mind just needs a couple calm nights,
and the knowledge that keeps me thinking give it some time.
you can't comprehend but i didn't expect anything less.
blank stares and the need for explanations lay in the worlds nest.
this demon won't bring me down. even with my head in the clouds,
my feet are firmly attached to the ground.
nothing can knock me down.

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