Love Breaks the Barriers

June 10, 2009
By fiveinside2 BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
fiveinside2 BRONZE, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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There is a wall around my heart,
so firm and tall and strong.
It keeps the dark and danger out
and never lets love in.
It surrounds the only thing I have,
protects it with its size.
It keeps it safe from raging wars
and anyone who tries
to steal or stab my heart again.

You may come to try to tear it down,
try and break it with machines,
but I know this wall, so thick and strong,
it can never fall.
So when you fail and turn to leave,
hurt for just a moment,
turn to look back and you will see
it only grows in might.

This wall is built from nothing less
than pieces of my soul.
It’s parts of me so burned and torn,
so hated by this world.
This wall, it is my used-up body,
emptied to its core,
abused, manipulated.

These bricks and shards and pieces are
broken, burned and tied
together with a special string-
my own heart’s blood and cries,
blood that flowed from stabs of hatred,
cries caused by this world.

But now this wall keeps my heart safe,
protected and alone.
It’s a shrunken, dried-up, empty mess,
no beauty to behold,
but it’s the only thing I have.

So why stand you here so quietly,
no weapons in your hands,
and hold a bottle filled with love?

You pour your love around my wall,
and as it falls, I plead,

“Be kind… It’s the only thing I have…

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