Final Lullaby

June 10, 2009
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A final kiss
A last goodnight
A fatal kiss
The Final Lullaby

Closed eyes
Disturbing dreams
LIfe falls
Apart at the seams

A fatal kiss
The last goodbye
Here is my
Final Lullaby

The perfect words
Spoken with care
Life is strange
And never fair

A final kiss
A perfect goodbye
Never more
Oh Final Lullaby

A song so tender
Quietly, almost softly plays
An end, a beginning
To more and more days

A Deathly Kiss
A tear to cry
A last embrace
Perfection, oh final lullaby

Beyond our lives
Above our worlds
A web even greater
Curls and Unfurls

A perfect kiss
A sweet goodnight
Oh darling perfect
Final Lullaby

Only this world's
Coldest embrace
Only our greatest fears
To face

A tender kiss
A sad goodbye
Lo' world
A Final Lullaby

No more to sing
No more to speak
No words to come
From this bird's beak

A broken tear
'Pon wings to fly
Behold dear world
This Final Lullaby

A final kiss
A hard goodbye
For you my love
My Final Lullaby

The End

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