Memories of Granny Midge

June 9, 2009
By Caroline Kolb BRONZE, Newtown, Pennsylvania
Caroline Kolb BRONZE, Newtown, Pennsylvania
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Almost a year
You have been up there
So far away
I will never despair

Dear old Midgy
I miss you so much
Smile down on me
And show me your love.

Midge, Midge Midge
It seems like so long
Since the last time I saw you
And then you were gone

Almost a year
You left earth too soon
But I know they need you
More then I do

Poor Granny Midge
I'm alone on the earth
I miss your sweet kiss
And all that you're worth

Almost a year
Is God really there
Why did he take you,
I hope you hear my prayers.

Of all the things that I wish
I wish I could see your face
That one painful night you took
The last breath you would take

Almost a year Grandma
I didn’t get to say good-bye
I know God needed you
But I still cry

You trusted those police men
And the ambulance too
To come save your life
So that our family could still visit you

Soon it was too late
As you fell hard to the floor
Your last painful breath
You heard an opened door

Rushed to the ambulance
They now wait
To see if you breathe again
Then they lose faith

Please remember Grandma
You’re close to my heart
Once I heard of this
My life fell apart

I was only a little girl when mama brought me to you
But instantly you knew our love was true
I wish I saw you more than I did
Can you hear my prayers Granny Midge?

I will remember you forever
It's so hard to move on
I'll send you a prayer
And sing you a song

Close to a year
Life isn’t the same
Since you left this world
I'm living in a daze

From miles and miles
You watch from above
You look down and smile
And send me your love

Poor old Granny Midge
I never thought I would feel this way
But now my life is different
Since God took you away

You’re in a great place lying next to Grandpa Lige
Now up in heaven y’all will reunite
Spending time together where everything is right
Now you can live a wonderful, painless, golden life

I miss you oh so very much
It’s hard to let you go
I send you all of my love
I’ve got to move on though

Your body is in your coffin
But your spirit is in my heart
Even though we are far away
Our love will never part.

The author's comments:
I lost my dear Granny last year. I think of her often with love in my heart.

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