Ehl Oh Vee Eeh

June 9, 2009
I love you for who you are, not some cute guy.
You’re amazing, I know you’d never lie.
You mean the whole world to me! Maybe even more.
It feels like I’ve known you since I was four.
Gah; you always make me smile, I’m the happiest girl.
You make me wanna get up, dance, spin and twirl.
You honestly don’t know how much I love you, it’s crazy.
You leave me in a love trance, mesmerized, dreamy and dazey.
Now that you’re in my life, I can’t imagine it without you,
I wanna spend every minute texting…Stick to each other like glue
Don’t get me started about your looks, you’re so freakin perfect
You’re so amazing, Lovely. Handsome, and utterly Terrific!
I can’t explain you, and I don’t get you at times, but you amaze me…
I really hope one day, Maybe soon.. Me and you will be called “we”
I hope That one day, me and you will be together,
We’ll love each other, promise each other forever.

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