What happened last night?

June 9, 2009
By Ahjanae Colson BRONZE, College Park, Georgia
Ahjanae Colson BRONZE, College Park, Georgia
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Last night..
I dreamt a dream
I was flying..across the sky
watching my dream..like the audience
looking at the people go by
I woke up thinking..
What happened last night?
I slip into oblivion..
a peaceful & restless sleep
thinking of the good & bad times
What happened last night?
The clouds were my train
and the sky were my tracks
I was on a ride to heaven..
I never came back
What happened last night?
Where is my family..why can't I feel..
What is this dark tunnel..where all my emotional and physical scars have been healed..
I can't think..I can't breathe..
Oh My..What's happening to me..
I call out for somebody..anybody..
No longer shall I suffer..I'm free..I roam the white cotton candy, all alone..
My spirit left to dwell in the bright shadows..
My body somewhere scarred,burned..
Left to perish like the spirit
that now has no home..
What happened last night?

The author's comments:
Hello,Ahjanae again.I leave you to interpret this piece on your own. The choice is yours, for the meaning is unknown to everyone but you.

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