Trapped and Taken

June 9, 2009
By LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
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Possibly a witches spell mixed up with wondrous smells made me fall for such a tantalizing being.
I remember that day when you took all my cares away.
You looked at me, then leaned towards my ear and said,

"Look you see,
the roses over there are bright red in their beds staring at you and steaming with jealousy of your beauty. You see how tears stream from their faces; they can't stand it."

"Oh no I may be pretty but not beautiful. They shine and glow a wondrous red, better than the dull hair on my head. Haha mydear, those are not tears. Those are droplets of water from the rain and their beauty goes beyond ageless years."

"No my sweet, do not doubt your lovely physique.
Look at that bookstore, all those books in there,
wonderful stories but I don't even care.
The only story I'm interested in now is yours and mine.
If it takes a hundred years to write well, then that's fine."

"Oh you're a hopeless romantic,
with every situation I panic.
Whenever I dance I look so flanky.
I could never at all be dainty.
I'm so busy with work.
I'm horrible when it comes to relationships,
bad at cuddling, bad at dinners, no romantic trips."

"I know for a fact you are trying to discourage my tempting effort, but look over there at that man in the sweat shirt. Him and his wife, I've known for quite a while, but both personalities are more than vile. They keep several secrets from eachother but it's quickly found out by the other lover. I want to be with YOU to treat you well beyond forever, oh did you notice our rhyming, it's quite clever."

"What a ridiculous man you are, so funny and sweet. And yes I've noticed our corresponding words, they are pretty neat. How you chose me I'll never know, but ok , I have decided to make you my beau."

"I just can't help but need you, even you can see. And that my love is enough to convince me."

Our first date ended with a kiss.
That day to never end is what I had wished.
I can finally say those special three words,
that day is what the Gods had heard.

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