Why Do I Love You?

June 9, 2009
By LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
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Sweet silky honey,
The voice of a lover,
Tickling warm breath on my ear,
I shudder.

Endless reflections of stars in your eyes,
Like a cool summer night with hundreds of fireflies.
Surfing serenity through a cool mind,
A beautiful shinning heart is what I find.

Angels desend from high to hear my song.
Can't you understand,
Because of you I long.
Tearless days, tearless nights,
Comfort, sweet comfort,
Sheer Delight.

Raw emotions have departed from my heart,
For everyone, I care right from the start.
My natural demeanor shapes my character,
My loyalty usually lasts forever.

With you there is no molding, no forceable change,
I can spring out my randomness at a wide range.
My faults remain faults,
My ticks stay as crazy tickers,
Now my glow is no longer a flicker.

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