Someday Soon

June 9, 2009
By simone20 GOLD, Jamaica, New York
simone20 GOLD, Jamaica, New York
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My heart aches, but you dont care
My eyes cry, but no one sees my tears
Finding a path between wrong and right
Trying hard to win this fight
But you chose the minute you turned away
Now I am the one left with the pain
Figuring out if I am the one to blame
People critize me
Leaving me with shame
I want to let go of this rope I am holding on to
The pain worsens everyday, but I try to put it aside so I can face you
But my eyes travel and I see why I cry
Emotions are the reasons to blame, the reason why I am hurting inside
If they were gone I wouldn't feel so much pain
Trying to move on is hard when I see you everyday
Erasing a big part of my memory is erasing you
I dont want that but it is coming to that point very soon
The pain I endured was to much to handle
Maybe in the future we can meet again under different circumstances
And maybe than we can be more than friends
You will always be the one who held my hand

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