Pray With Me

June 9, 2009
By LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
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During those dark times, think of me
If you find that sleep evades you, simply think of me
I'll caress your dreams for an everlasting contentment
Physically I may not be stronger than you and absolutely not emotionally, but maybe spiritually..
Think of me and drown in happiness, breath in my being and not my sorrow
If I can ignore it than so should you.
This is not paradise because it wasn't meant to be. It will never be.
It is merely home.
It is earth, and it is our planet, but it is only a temporary haven.
Barely even that
I do no smite God for the 'things' he has given to me but instead I thank him.
I thank him for you as well.
But are you merely a 'thing'. You are a human being in my eyes and I wonder if you able to put so much thought in something that doesnt necessarily revolve around you.
Think of this during only the day
For the night I wish to make it your safe haven.
The problems that you have, were plunged into your life and certainly not asked for.
if you find that you cannot pray, then I will pray for both of us despite the pain.
Dream oh so sweetly
Good Night my love.

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