These Eyes

June 9, 2009

With these eyes, I only see,
The truth they put, in front of me.
And if that truth, is you and I,
I'll stay with you, until I die.

To live, to love, to hold all night,
To kiss, to hug, 'till first days light.
I'll stay by you, until the end,
Whether it's as lovers, or even as friends.

Because you're the one, I've waited for,
And you are the one, that I adore.
So tell me now, is this dream true?
Did you just say, "I Love You"

Don't wake me up, if I'm asleep,
These feelings for you, they run so deep.
I could not live, a fantasy,
I need something real, between you and me.

With these eyes, I only see,
The truth that could be... You and me...

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