Like Father Not Like Son

June 9, 2009
By Lucythebardess BRONZE, Doncaster, Other
Lucythebardess BRONZE, Doncaster, Other
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Your the father figure
you pull the trigger
you pull the strings

welcome to the puppet show
starring your son
you control the first blow
and every move from there
look at him he's scared
are you proud?
look at what you've done
like father like son
i don't think so


i broke away
your nothing to do with me anyway
contol no more
no more
take a stand dear brother
let him move on to another
life sucker.

The author's comments:
the poem is a little all over the place, regarding the rhyme.
but the meaning is strong and the story something i needed to air for personal strive.

reas, enjoy and comment.

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