A Girl In a Lost Life

June 10, 2009
By tahasia stevens BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
tahasia stevens BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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A girl in a lost life
If I tell you my story it will cut your heart with a knife
Trapped… Confused
I stand on the filthy streets uncomfortably
Forced to lure the pursuer who looks for me
As I lay with my enemies
My body is slowly destroyed
I walk the streets strung out on a drug I call pain
I can’t stop my tears from falling down like rain
Taken advantage of for money
It’s not as sweet as honey
Im scared, no one is there to protect me
The detectives are worthless, they want to wreck me
Where I’m from
Justice is invisible
If you are a prostitute
They look at you like a criminal
As life leaves me with a broken heart and a body full of scornful wounds
I pray to God for deliverance
Searching for freedom

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem is because many young prostitutes are force to sell themselves and I hope my poem canspeak for all young prostitutes who are trying to break free from captivity

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