June 12, 2009
By msully5 BRONZE, Western Springs, Illinois
msully5 BRONZE, Western Springs, Illinois
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Sharing drinks gives you mono,
But it’s never stopped us before.
Holding your hand for forever
Picking you up off the floor.

The night’s still young when we wait in my car.
In the store, you pretend to be old.
We look at each other and the lies we live.
Makes up for lies we’ve been told.

Later, I see you see him,
So I put in good word.
Not too long, the sun will rise
As the world, again, will turn.

It’s hard to know when to stop.
It’s hard enough to go.
I wonder what it’s like up top...
We trust in time to grow.

I call your name when you call mine,
Count heads and we’re all here.
Sirens promote poignant liberation-
“The Good Die Young!” we cheer.

Laughing and crying all looks the same
Out of a foggy cab window.
We near the end with no place or plans,
But I think I like not to know…

The next day will still be here tomorrow
So why need I know all at present?
We promise each other it’s till the end
And celebrate lament.

So to Us and to tomorrow;
To them and yesterday.
In a distant time, we’ll dream of now –
But we know better than to stay.

Then or now, wherever you are,
A long distance to you is near.
You’ll never be alone in this world, kid.
Just know, I’m always here.

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