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By Jessica B., Joaquin, TX

I’m so tired of this game of cat and mouse.
I ask 20 Questions,
You dodge them all.
This used to be fun
But now chase is for kids.
I try to climb the imaginary ladders to get to your side of the world
But before I am halfway there a chute opens and I fall back down.
I feel like a bottle spinning out of control in a junior high game of Spin-the-Bottle.
So rare to be kissed by you.
Seven minutes in heaven and then it is over.
I wish I could freeze time every time we kissed
But Chinese Freeze Tag was never our game.
More appropriate was Hide-n-Seek because I could always count on you to find me first.
Now we’re older and chase is once again our game.
I try to catch you but you are a million miles away.
I stretch my arm out a little more and touch the hem of your shirt.
Tag, you’re it

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i love this so much!


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