June 9, 2009
By Julie Solimine BRONZE, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Julie Solimine BRONZE, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Thier DNA is linked,
They are relatives by blood.
Closer than even they think,
Bonded by more than love.

Since birth they were together,
Friends by pure default.
Thier futures are intertwined forever,
Until their breaths shall halt.

Connected in an embrace,
As just young girls, like angels, on the sand.
Two very similar by face,
Standing there hand in hand.

As they grow so does their bond,
And another photo on the beach.
Both are taller, their hair less blonde,
Yet their love you cannot teach.

For sisters do not learn to love each other,
It is programmed from the start.
It begins with their father and mother,
And grows like flowers in the heart.

So even though they will part ways,
As they grow and come into their own,
They will never forget those younger days,
When they were never, ever alone.

The author's comments:
I wrote this off two pictures of my sister and I on the beach, one from when we were five and four, and they other from when we were aroung 11 and 10.

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