June 9, 2009
By Taylor Frotten BRONZE, Bradford, Massachusetts
Taylor Frotten BRONZE, Bradford, Massachusetts
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Ever since our first encounter
I've had you on my mind
More beautiful than anything I've ever seen
Though I thought that love was blind

I had hoped the feeling was mutual
But then you started to run
Didn't you know my love for you
Burned brighter than the sun?

Camera in my hand
And running with the wind
You were always a step ahead
But I just looked and grinned

All this time I was so lost
As to why you were afraid
I wasn't carrying any knife
Or tossing a hand grenade

I wish you wouldn't be so cruel
I only shower you with affection
Our distance is growing and I'm falling apart
This police cruiser is driving in the opposite direction

1000 feet is what they told me
And it's hard to stay away
Laws were meant for breaking
Let the paparazzi come out and play

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