Blind Love

June 9, 2009
How can you say you love me
if you don't even know the meaning
you would say whatever it took
cause all you're worried about is how we'll look

how could i be so blind
to not see the big red sign
all this time you just lied
and i came out on the losing side

i lost myself in your perfect world
intoxicated by unforfilled promises till i almost hurled
didn't pull myself sane soon enough
i have to say, the tears soon after were quite rough

now as i lay weak
the tears just leak
my mind drifts to the past
and to the pain so vast

you drown in self indulgence
i follow in self amusment
i fall blindly to love
without ny help from above

i cried long nights
and suffered alll our fights
this love kept death guessin'
but it taught me a valuable lesson

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