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June 8, 2009
By Allison White BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Allison White BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from Carolyn a teacher and Daniel a computer operator./ A small tan house with brown shutters and broken garage door window./ Family that gathers together for birthdays, holidays, and Sunday dinners./ Grandparents that come and support me whenever I have a game./ From a mother and father who love me dearly and support me in any decision I make./ From the book butterfly kisses which my dad read to me every nigh to the Twilight Series./ As a little kid having my room a bright pink color to tan walls with leopard borders around them./ Trying new foods like sushi without any complaints. The food normally ends up being really good./ Getting along with people I meet and having a common interest with them./ Always listening to my ipod to get pumped up about games or just to listen to good music.//
I am swinging a field hockey stick or softball bat./ In shape from running in track./One who enjoys watching football especially the Dallas Cowboys./But summer time finds me rooting for the Yankees./
A Jersey girl who loves spending time on the beach catching waves or the sun’s rays./ Been to many beaches but the best was the white soft sand and the clear blue waters of Cancun, Mexico./ Disney vacations from rides to autographs were once fun but now I would rather relax on the beach./ From swim teams and dive teams at the community pool to swimming in my back yard, I enjoy the fun of Summer time tremendously.// I am from a world where the blue and white pinstripes from Bananas in Pajamas were very popular./ Disney movies that I could recite every word of especially Pocahontas./
Shows that inspire me to become a doctor like Grey’s Anatomy./ A neighborhood where there are not a lot of kids and a place where everyone knows each other very well./ A room that looks like a tornado blew through it./ An accident prone world where I broke my arm, two fingers, and thumb and had three concussions./ Where I will never get rid of Mr. Red bear who has been with me since I broke my arm back in 2000.// I am from a family that has had its share of medical problems./ My brother nearly lost his life in a skiing accident, I almost lost my arm in a trampoline accident, and my mom had a blood clot and pulmonary embolisms./ Last November, my grandfather, whom I loved dearly, passed away./Cherish each moment because you never know when your life could change drastically./ Thinks life is precious so go out and live.//

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