Never Again

June 8, 2009
By nightwriter13 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
nightwriter13 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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Blinded by the light I saw
I looked away from the truth
Invading my consciousness
Overtaking my soul
I refused to admit
I was wrong
Never Again

Never again will I speak the truth
It has destroyed my life
Never again will I face the facts
I’ll just keep runnin’ away
Never again will I hear the voice
Calling out to me,
Haunting my thoughts
Tellin’ me to do what’s right
Because the world is so wrong.

Why does it happen
Day after day
Why does the pain keep coming back?
I’ve tried everything to keep it at bay
But it stays
I feel it inside, taking over
Making me new
But it’s not a good new that the pain has created
It’s made me hate myself

Never again will I love
I don’t think I can
Never again will I try
Every time I do I just get hurt even more
And I don’t want the hurt forever
Right now though I can see no escape
So I go on living
Living and lying
Just to make it through

Every time I see that old picture
Or your face on the street
I can’t help but wonder
What things would be like if I never met you
I think it would all be better

But I'm willing to live
With what I created when I said, “I love you”
Your reaction wasn’t what I had wanted
But I guess you weren’t ready.
I'm learning to accept it
Learning to move on
But it’s still hard
You know what you started?
For me, a blood revolution
A way to deal with my pain.

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