June 8, 2009
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Go back some time to when,
My strength did still prevail,
You’ll find me there and so naïve,
A pure path set a sail.
With friends, some new, so close to heart,
So happy and content,
In sun, on field and mountain path,
That place so heaven sent.
Each morning at the sunrise,
Campers woke; the birds began.
Their radiant song still playing,
‘Till the sun took rest again.
Laughter bubbling up like water,
Flowing down the Juniata,
Time stood still those precious moments,
Playing out a sweet cantata.
Home-made ice cream ‘round the fire,
While the stars above shown bright,
Sleeping tight next to each other,
On the O-deck that one night.
Waking up to dew so brilliant,
As if each drop had been placed,
And just like our hearts that week,
God left none of us untraced.
Dance parties declared sporadically,
A trip to DQ too,
Staying up too late into the night,
Thinking of a prank to do.
Up and Adam bright and early,
While the boys remained asleep,
We took their clothes and hid them,
All without the slightest peep.
Yet as the week came to a close,
“One Tin Soldier” had been sung,
A fair amount a tears were shed,
The packing had begun.
And then before we knew it,
Saturday was there,
Forcing us to say goodbye,
While crying in despair.
Yet though the months have passed,
We have still remained as friends,
And we’ll always have our memories,
‘Till each journey of ours ends.

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