Mourning Lover's Plea

June 8, 2009
By Tearseye SILVER, Toms River, New Jersey
Tearseye SILVER, Toms River, New Jersey
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So what if I'm nearly half blind, I see everything better than you do.

Your face mirror’s the night sky, completely emotionless
The closed doors that are your eye discourage all closeness
Her heart trembles as she tries to resurrect you
Mine is filled with scorn for she is able to do all I can’t
As her heart grows warmer and purer
My heart turns colder and darker, why should this be?
He tried to save me and look where got it got him
Because of you, he is ice cold and she has gone white
You destroyed our world with your new moon stare
Now she sings for you instead of for the whispering forest
Now he died for me instead of for his home
Now I slowly die for you and her
So tell me why?
Why should I live like this?
In mourning with happy smile for you two as my broken heart cries?
No, I think not
This is my turn for joy
Let me live my last breath worth of broken hearted solitude
Then set me free to be once more with the one that I love

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