What has Grown?

June 8, 2009
By Ryan Childs BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Ryan Childs BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Two more yesteryears have I seen,
But what in me has changed?

I have grown taller.
I have more years to count.

My growth is not in height.
My growth is not in strength.
My growth is not in physical might.

The answer we give is the answer we expect,
But that is an excuse for nothing.
So for the meaning I hunt I close my eyes,
And slide up the proverbial pole.

I have defined my values.
I have answered what is friend.

My growth is in honor.
My growth is in wisdom.
My growth is in philosophical light.

I know who I am,
And I know what growth is.
Now when declared, “My how you’ve grown!”
I know that I’m older than two.

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