Little Girl

June 8, 2009
By Ashley Fox BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
Ashley Fox BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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She sits on the sink,
painting her face with her mother's makeup,
pretending she's a big girl.
Ribbons and curls
traded for
diamonds and pearls.
Five years old today.

She slams the door shut.
Black tears parade down her cheeks,20stinging as
they scatter.
Momma forgot to mention how misleading
boys can be,
how friends can be deceiving.
She falls to the floor,
heart, shattered.
Twelve years old today.

She opens the window,
lets the summer breeze seize the silence,
but calms it with peace.
It breathes heavily through the window.
Leaves rattle in their trees.
It sends shivers down her spine.
She’s home,
she feels free.
Fifteen years old today.

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