Musical Notes MAG

By Sara K., Cincinnati, OH

A tie-dye shoelace,
the deep purple wrinkle in your brain,
silver spirals in the used notebook,
Night blue lightning in a black sky
Bony spine of a hungry child,
Crop circles in the cornfield,
The continued line of slits
on the naked flesh,
New Year’s confetti from a popper
whose colors are a trip,
the mood rings inside a tree, a mole’s home
a child’s wayward marker,
a winding yellow brick road,
the evil snakes’ paths in the colored sand,
a perm glowing like a sunshine,
A deadly pink lemonade tornado
Tick tock of the old rusted clock,
a banana, a finger dipped in lime-green paint
A deserted chapel, the fiery devil’s kiss.
Skeleton bones, an upside-down rainbow,
The giraffe’s bubble-gum tongue,
the wires in a computer
A roller coaster, October 17th 10:29 p.m.

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i love this so much!


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