Chains of Affection

June 8, 2009
By Casey Auer BRONZE, Liberty Township, Ohio
Casey Auer BRONZE, Liberty Township, Ohio
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She walks down the isle
Carrying a rose er’ two
Dressed down in white
Putting the chains of affection on you

Before she stalked you
Like an eagle and some mice
She seemed pretty at first
But boy she aint so nice

Now she locked the chains
And threw away the key
It’s to late to run
There’s no way to be free

You moved in together
Wearing a pretty pink suit
She went for a swim
Like the way you saw here on her debut

She stayed out late one night
And you waited up,
Just to find she had something new;
She had a new doll she treated like a pup

Now that you look back
On the last couple of years
You rip off the chains of affection
Leave and down a few beers

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