I am from love.

June 8, 2009
By Erica Fisher SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Erica Fisher SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from ballerina bear nightgowns and Pooh Bear lunch-boxes.
From "Blue's Clues" and The Three Little Pigs.
I am from Skippy and Barbie dolls,
From yummy lasagna and marshmallow sweet potatoes.
I am from past generations and four small dog statues.
From Christmas mornings and my first day of school.
I am from the Big-Bird room to Riley School.
From Maple Avenue and the park.
I am from my pink dogwood tree and "Little Bear"
From noisy dinners and shopping trips.
I am from mixed up nursery rhymes,
And they will never be forgotten.
I am from Maw-Maw and tiny pink bedrooms,
From junk food on top of the fridge.
I am from The Tigger Movie to A Walk to Remember,
From that itchy Easter dress i hated to wear.
I am from apple kitchens and dark green shutters,
From carpentry and Mr. Stabile.
I am from Future Stars and ABC rugs,
From soap in my mouth to hanging on the edge of the table.
I am from black labs to black pugs,
From iced tea to summer barbecues.
I am from "Arthur" and "Franklin"
From next door neighbors and best friends since birth.
I am from freckles and pale skin,
From Skip Its and pogo sticks,
To pointless fights and good times.
The sweet smell of laughter
That jumped into the pool,
And over the fence
Always there to share the love that's hidden
Deep down in all of our hearts.
"This is my original work. It doesn't contain the words of anyone else without proper credit."

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