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June 8, 2009
By amanda tjong BRONZE, South Plainfieldd, New Jersey
amanda tjong BRONZE, South Plainfieldd, New Jersey
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I am from summer nights and chocolate molten lava cakes/ From tanning on the roof with someone who means more to me than words can/ describe to screaming our favorite songs from the top of the roof at night/ I am from writing stories and Alexander William Gaskarth/ From Jack Barakat and Zachary Merrick/ I am from long sunsets on the beach and indescribable sceneries/ From best friends and worst enemies/ I am from three dogs, seven rabbits, five chinchillas, one guinea pig, and fish/ From long nights making dances and recording them to waking up tired and groggy/ in the mornings. I am from lullabies and Remembering Sunday// I am from poppin' champagne and singing my heart out when everyone is watching/ From making new friends to finding out that old friends aren't worth it anymore/ I am from AIM and spearmint gum/ From surgery at 2 1/2 years old abd a second surgery on my knee/ I am from telling people things I don't want them to know because they just don't/ understand. From saying goodbye to all the ones I love/ I am from trust issues and divorced parents/ From drinking appletinis on the beach with my best friends when I am finally 21// I am from Winnie The Pooh and having so much pain/ From losing freidns that meant a lot to having the best friends I could ever ask for/ I am from a broken family and writing stories to make the pain a little easier to/ bear. From laughing and smiling to tears streaming for no apparent reason/ I am from iPods, laptops, and cell phones/ From escaping through my window and sunrises on the east side/ I am from crushes that hurt more than they're worth and running from lions// The memories that make me/ These memories that break me/ From best friends to boyfriends/ To music all night/ These memories stay with me forever, they will never, ever, go away/ It's just how I am, and I hope you can understand

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