I am from Barney and lucky numbers

June 8, 2009
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I am from Barney and lucky numbers
From buckets and a gigantic backyard
I am from sticker collections, thrown out
From Rugrats and swing sets
I am from bowling and disney princesses
From memories and Las Vegas
I am from the "Rocky Mountains" and shopping
From the surprise visits by grandma
Moments that I will treasure,
And one day passed on

I am from Treasure Island and Barbie
From eraser caps and sleepovers
I am from Amelia Bedelia and sea food
From clumsiness to be being a perfectionist
I am from playing teacher and finger painting
From pretending to be the tooth fairy,
Giving my sister five dollars, and keeping her tooth
I am from foggy nights and summer days

I am from burning hair while leaning over candles
From swim meets and embarrassing moments
I am from toliet paper on shoes and eating watermelon
Old friends that drifted and new ones made
I am from Sour Patch Kids and the Jersey Shore
From regrets and laughter

Times I will hold dear as I grow older
And never getting the chance to vanish
As days go on, the regrets disappear,
But the smiles and the laughters will continue
All the unforgettable seconds, minutes, and hours are just the beginning
Waiting for more to pile on

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