Hidden In My Heart

June 8, 2009
By miranda garcia BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
miranda garcia BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from Hannah and my baby blanket,
From watching and re-watching 101 Dalmations,
I am from playing dres-up and detective,
From learning how to swim and eating watermelon,
I am from Junnie B. Jones and Nancy Drew books,
From Mrs. Fiddler and that magic cardboard house on the rug,
I am from Emily's "haircut" and Melissa's friendship,
From Mrs. Doyon and Betty and the crossing guard,
Hiding in a play house out back,
Not knowing it would change that august day forever.

I am from "camping" and staying up late,
From roasting marshmellows and eating pancakes,
I am from Aunt Carol's caring talks and Uncle Tony's stories,
From birthday parties in the backyard and pinatas bigger than me,
I am from pop-pop and his pictures,
From my adopted cousins and trips to Texas,
I am from my little sister and our bipolar relationship,
From Allie McBeagle and those long tear filled nights.

I am from Tia and Romp-a-Round,
From ice skating and hospital trips with Casey,
I am from amazing MSM conferences and staying up until three or five in the morning,
From dying in my first cross country practices in seventh grade,
I am from track team bonding and seven eleven runs,
From way too much drama and pain,
Just wanting to run away from it all.

The many good times and the many bad,
Locked up in my heart that seems to continually get broken,
Hiding in the little white house on that long busy street,
Missing him and my contact to the outside world,
Wanting to be done and as free as my music.

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