I Am From and Because of My Childhood

June 8, 2009
By TeeJay BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
TeeJay BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from a magnifying glass, a sunny day, and dead ants/From being a tomboy and the only girl in kickball/I am from Flinstones Vitamins and stolen cookies/From Recreation sports and several camping adventures/I am from bowl-cuts and annoying foreign-speaking Furbies/From actually wanting to do chores with David, Kunal, and Kevin/I am from Saturday morning Barnie and Friends and Miss Fran's dance/From a school trouble maker and a first crush/I am from standing up for my young rights,
Yet always being sent to the evil Wall//
I am from Aaron Carter and the catchy Doug theme song/ From being a night owl and loving the rush of Man Hunt/ I am from play dates and all-night 'sleep'overs/ From peaceful tuck-ins and rushed mornings/ I am from jarred lightning bugs and New Life Christian/ From garage sales and their hidden treasures/ I am from shed tears and exploding fireworks/ From the inside horrors of a car wash//
I am from the ugly brown carpet and Colgate Palmolive/ From Daley Baby, gone but never forgotten/ I am from curiousity and learning the harder way/ From electrocuting wall sockets and 911 calls/ I am from wanna-be Disney princesses and the world of make-believe/ From Franklin's big, fun playground
Gradually being demolished and refurnished//
Some memories came back to you as if they were yesterday/Yet the most cherished seem increasingly vague everyday/Memory is like a child walking along the seashore/You can never tell what pebble it will pick up/ And store away among its other treasures.

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