June 8, 2009
By Rajath Kenath BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Rajath Kenath BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from crowded streets and loud neighborhoods,
From constant moving and fresh homes.
I am from trouble-making friends, never forgotten.
From a forty year old house, shingles sullied.
I am from burned pop-tarts and chocolate treats, crushed in my Pokemon lunchbox.
From my cut-and-paste homework, never finished.
I am from lunch detentions, always skipped,
From odd teachers, always fun.
I am from chaotic bus rides,
From heavy book bags, quite unappreciated.//
I am from family game nights,
From microwave pizzas, made in a refurnished kitchen.
I am from Batman and Time Burton,
From ecstatic trips to the movies.
I am from bacon and eggs breakfasts,
From steamed rice and salmon dinners.
I am from warm Christmas moments,
From toothaches acquired over Halloween weekend.//
I am from the ill-kept promises, and late birthday presents,
From two hundered dollar bicycles and brand new TVs.
I am from quiality bonding with my brother; 10 years younger,
From teaching him English, to teach him how to write.
I am from hanging out with friends to get away from him...//
These memories of old glamour,
Locked away within the gardens of my mind,
Flourishing like petals in Spring,
Each with significant importance; each with childish joy
Resurfacing once again in new light...

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