Looking Back

June 8, 2009
By Kimberly Lozarito BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kimberly Lozarito BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from random, fun games and staying out until it is pitch black. / From block parties every year and the best neighbors you could ask for. / I am from the fights that are still going on today, / From losing and gaining a best friend from day to day. / I am from truth or dare and sleepovers, / From pulling all nighters with my friends. / I am from the dead end block and the baseball fields, / From chasing the ice cream truck with all the money I could find. / I lost touch with so many great friends, Wishing I could've redone things to keep them today. // I am from family get-togethers every week, / From my dad's famous barbecue or shish-ka-bobs. / I am from Little Sister, Big Sister to The Clique Series, / From separate beds to one big bunk bed. / I am from family trips to the most random places, / From the camping trips and getting so many bug bites. / I am from a nice, big, loving family, / One I know will always be there for me. // I am from the lies to the hurtful truths. / From nice clean fun that unwillingly turns to drama. / I am from Nick Jr. to Disney Channel, / From The Little Mermaid to Little Manhattan. / I am from playing school to sometimes wishing school never existed. / From the karma that is always out to get me. / Yet somehow, I manage to get through it all. // My past wasn't perfect, but it sure was one to remember. / Looking back, I wish I could re-do it all. / Unforutnately, we all must move on and embrace what the future has in store for us. / The only thing left to do now: / Live life to the fullest.

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