My Journey

June 8, 2009
By Joshua Guirguis BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Joshua Guirguis BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from eating Playdoh and the Lion King Movie./From red-carpeted rooms and loving parents./I am from playing school with my brother/And ugly wallpapers in my room./I am from the boy who threw the ball to hard./From the Grandparents who were always too generous./From ugly clothes and big sweaters,/That my mom shoved over my head to keep me from protesting,/ Just to be taken off a few seconds later.//I am from Mahshee stewed in stock, to Randa and Uncle Maged./I am from scary nights and sweaty playtimes./From helping my dad and mom, unwillingly,/To helping them to make sure I got what I wanted./I am from a funny family who argues about nothing,/and a serious family who takes things too seriously./I am from the rainstorm beating down on your window pane.//I am from seedless watermelons and seedless grapes./I am from a brother who annoys me, and parents who annoy me more./ From living life to have fun,/ To living life just to get by./I am from success and failure, love and hate./I am from the friends who betrayed me,/And the friends who still love me.//My life's hardships and upbringings,/Told by a poet./To continue on living,/To continue on loving,/And to continue on learning.

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