June 8, 2009
By Brittnie Lawler BRONZE, Fairfield, Maine
Brittnie Lawler BRONZE, Fairfield, Maine
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Braces ~

This is my mouth.
You can’t chew gum,
but you do anyway.
And you will have to go throught
the pain all over again.
you can smell the cement
it smells a digusting sour taste.
I am worth over
3,000 dollars.
You wish you could
eat, chewy things,
but I’m glad you can’t.
When I get on
it feels like a drill
going straight into your gum.
No Gum,
no gumdrops
no biting into apples.
I am colorful.
I am orange and black
I’m orange as a pumpkin,
and black as a cat,
You suck on lollipops,
eat chewy caramel,
and the teeth rotting food.
I don’t get any thanks
For straighting your teeth.
They why don’t you know
you can’t taste chewy things.
Just let me do my job
to straightening you’re teeth,
They will be as straight
as a piece of paper
when I’m done with you.

The author's comments:
I have braces so I though it would be cool to write something about them and nobody has ever written about braces

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